Thank you for reviewing my portfolio. I invite you to explore the links below for examples of my creative research projects from the last few years. Other works can be found at http://fereshteh.net.

Voice Memos for the Future

site-specific oral history of climate change and real estate development

School of Oil and Water

relating to petroleum through a collection of artist-made objects and activities

Metaphysical Hotline

intimate conversation about our ecological commitments

Water Radio: Miami

series of contemplative canoe and kayak outings

Crude Oil Divination

response to the multibillion dollar A2A (Alaska to Alberta) freight rail project

Fire Starter / Scent Jar

South Carolina cotton, Pennsylvania crude oil, glass canning jars


contemplating our responsibility to future generations

What does oil look like?

visual descriptions by oil and gas workers via real-time text to image generation

Plant Listening Lounge

a surf instructor collects dead plant matter to combat climate anxiety

Financial Crisis Mycoremeditation

decontamination of toxic neoliberalism, with mushrooms

Into the Proofer

exhibit about petroleum at 3127.space in Chattanooga

tfw (that feeling when

supportive space for conversation about climate change, wellness, and technology from feminist, queer, anticolonial and racial justice perspectives

Toxic Acceleration Spell

"Recursive scans lead to user-assisted algorithmic de-evolution as seedpods become infinite." - Joey Malbon, Small File Media Festival

E-Ghosts of Nam Ngum Dam

dedicated to the spirits of light and electricity

H&R Cabbage

playful carbon accountability

Constellations: Deep Mapping Miami’s Past, Present, and Future

tracing a vulnerable ecosystem for Creative Time's first summit dedicated to climate change

Lithium Diaries

exploring the use of lithium as a source of electricity and a drug

Water Radio: Delaware River

What is the history of the Delaware River watershed and how is climate change impacting it today?