Growth is a sound art experience that begins at the 1969 Ruth Asawa mosaic of the same name at 580 Capp St. It’s a series of guided meditations situated in the urban landscape of the Mission neighborhood in San Francisco. Participants are invited to slow down, listen, reflect on the past, and contemplate our collective responsibility to future generations.

To participate, download the Echos app for your mobile phone and access the walk here:

This experience will take approximately 50-60 minutes. Begin the walk at 580 Capp Street in the Mission. Proceed to each stop in linear order from west to east. Wear comfortable shoes, use headphones, and please stay alert to traffic and other hazards while you walk.

Produced by Rumi Koshino and Fereshteh Toosi with music by Danny Paul Grody.

Rumi Koshino is an interdisciplinary artist and educator based in San Francisco. Her intuitive process of making art is informed by everyday experiences as well as social, emotional, and political climates that surround it. She recently published a limited-edition art book, Solo Walks -The First 100 Days, from RITE Editions. Rumi will be a resident artist at AGA Lab in Amsterdam in 2021. She holds a BFA and MFA from the University of Washington.

Danny Paul Grody is a solo musician and founding member of San Francisco based bands Tarentel and The Drift. He is a self taught guitarist, and the melodies at the core of Danny’s songwriting bring to mind his love of West African kora, finger-style guitar and all things minimal, repetitive & hypnotic.

Fereshteh Toosi’s artworks foster animistic connections through encounter, exchange, and sensory inquiry. Fereshteh lives and works in El Portal, Florida, on stolen lands still stewarded by the Miccosukee and Seminole people. Responding to place, Fereshteh designs experiences for small audiences. These intimate, immersive live art events are often produced in conjunction with small sculptures, short films, installations, scores, and poetry.